The Agenda 21 vaccine health travel passports have already landed in the UK. These travel vaccine health passports are REQUIRED to be used by travellers destined for foreign lands.


2021-05-11 5 min read

The Online Resistance Movement have an obligatory duty to inform you ALL, the RESISTANCE that the Agenda 21 VACCINE HEALTH TRAVEL PASSPORTS will be official in the UK commencing Monday May 17, 2021. Everyone who plans on travelling abroad WILL be required to produce an up-to-date vaccine health travel passport. And unfortunately, it is OFFICIAL.

Travellers will be expected to download, register and USE the NHS app to be able to travel. Unfortunately, that excludes a lot of travellers, who don't even have access to a mobile phone.

Travellers who do not have access to the mobile phone will have to wait a slightly longer period of time BEFORE they can even contemplate travelling overseas. They will have to wait to receive a hard copy VACINE HEALTH PASSPORT CERTIFICATE through the mail and that will take up to 10 days for it to reach the recipient.

Of course, the vaccine health travel passport doesn't necessarily mean that the traveller will be accepted into other countries. On the contrary, even though the traveller will be producing vaccine health certificate proof, they may still be required to undergo a USELESS pcr test. So NOTHING is GUARANTEED.

Travellers who have been FOOLISH enough to be coerced, bullied and brow beaten into taking these HIGHLY DANGEROUS COVID19 CONCOCTIONS will actually PAY a high price when autumn/fall rolls around, because they will be in DEEP WATERS literally, when the 36 wild coronaviruses sweep over the country during late September. These selfish travellers will have many regrets, when they are struck down with a VICIOUS CYTOKINE STORM that will literally put them on their backs and once the wild coronavirus enters the host's viral pathway and makes its way into the body; the host's immune system will go HAYWIRE and commence ATTACKING every part of the host's healthy cells and organs. Macrophage number 1 will ravage the human body and will NOT stop until the host suffers multiple organ failure. The healing Macrophage number 2 will not even be able to enter the gladiator arena of the immune battlefield, as it will be kept at bay by that EVIL laboratory made artificial S Spike protein that has been injected into them. 99% of these injected travellers may suffer the ultimate penalty for their few days of fun overseas, as they will pay for their treachery and may even DIE, as it has ALREADY been predicted by many honest general medicine doctors and scientists, including Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Vernon Coleman, scientist Geert Vanden Bossche, Dr. Wodarg and scientist Michael Yeadon. All of these people are NOT WRONG and people WILL DIE.

These covid19 injections were designed for ONE PURPOSE ONLY - TO CULL THE POPULATION.

We are now addressing the selfish travellers : "Is it worth gambling with your lives just for a possible few days of sun and pleasure in some far off distant exotic holiday destination? You all really need to mull over this problem LONG and HARD, because if you don't you WILL DIE if you catch a coronavirus cold this forthcoming autumn/fall of 2021. Doesn't your life mean anything to you? Is your foreign holiday/vacation worth more to you than your life?"

You have been timely FOREWARNED of the DEVASTATING consequences that you will have to pay just for a few days of pleasure in a foreign country.

We have to keep RESISTING and FIGHTING back because this trend is set to get FAR worse.

On the UK nazi government puppet cards agenda will be DOMESTIC VACCINE HEALTH PASSPORTS, that will be issued NEXT and this will EXCLUDE many people, especially people who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons. These people along with people who are resisting and DON'T want these KILLER injections inside their body's will SUFFER in the long run, not being able to buy, trade or sell anything and it is COMING for SURE and we all have to be prepared for this evil eventuality.

Dr. Vernon Coleman has already FOREWARNED people that we are 'LIVING IN THE KILLING FIELDS' of the global elite and they are coming for us SOON.

The next phase in this evil new world order agenda is to introduce the MICROCHIP in the hand, which will NOT only carry and display your personal and private MEDICAL DATA and MEDICAL HISTORY for the whole world to see, it will double up as a DIGITAL IDENTITY, it will include all your personal details, your name, address, age, date of birth, your bank details. You all will NOT be able to purchase anything without a microchip in the hand. Once these foolish, naive gullible people accept the microchip in the hand, that is IT - THEY HAVE SOLD THEIR SOUL TO THE DEVIL and by accepting this evil monstrosity, they have willingly given up their FREEDOM to become SLAVES TO AN ELECTRONIC TAGGING SYSTEM. These people will be able to be tracked and traced very easily. Every time they use the microchip, their slave owners (the government) will know their EVERY MOVE and they will be EASILY CONTROLLED. And that is what it is all about CONTROL, POWER, GREED, MONEY for the GLOBAL MAFIA. Don't you realise that once you accept this microchip in your hand that you will NEVER be FREE again and you will NEVER be accepted into heaven, because it was written thousands of years ago in the Book of Revelation that "HE WHO RECEIVES THE MARK OF THE BEAST ON HIS FOREHEAD OR ON HIS HAND, HAS SOLD HIS SOUL TO THE DEVIL."

World War III is progressing rapidly now and the resistance DON'T have much time left to win this war. Every time we endeavour to make strives to STOP this evilness, the BRAINWASHED, BRAINDEAD zombies AGREE to what the government is ordering them to do, even though it is WRONG and by doing this they are dragging the resistance down with them. It appears as though these brainless goons actually enjoy being DICTATED TO and being OPPRESSED. Well the resistance DON'T, we were BORN FREE and we have every intention of dying free, we are not intending to become slaves of no evil world global reset tyranny, of that you are all guaranteed.

If ALL the people in the world would just OPEN their EYES and SEE the BIGGER PICTURE, they wouldn't hesitate to JOIN THE RESISTANCE. Over 7 billion people in the world UNITED TOGETHER is an EXTREMELY POWERFUL UNITY and FORCE to be taken notice of. Everyone in the world needs to symbolically DIG THEIR HEELS into the ground and say "NO" to the rising new world government. What are these few globalist evil mafia going to do against 7 billion people who REFUSE to follow orders? What are they going to do about it? NOTHING!!

We ALL need to UNITE together on this one and tell them "NO" - DON'T kowtow to government strangulatory restrictions, oppression and mental torture. Just remember that these evil nazis have weaved their vile spell over many people and their hands are already BLOOD STAINED with the blood of thousands of people who THEY KILLED during the lockdowns.

Pontius Pilate actually WASHED his hands clearn when his government CRUELLY EXECUTED our saviour, Jesus and he should have been ashamed of himself for the rest of his life, for allowing a SINLESS PERFECT BEING to be executed for nothing. This is what the evil nazi government are trying to do to us - they are SERIOUS ABOUT KILLING US ALL.





Thank you all so very much for your continued help and support.