The evil scumbag celebrity lawyer Alan Dershowitz boasts and explains how the government could take covid19 vaccine refusers by FORCE if a writ was filed in the Supreme Court.


2021-04-30 5 min read

The evil scumbag celebrity attorney Alan Dershowitz in the United States was throwing his weight around at first talking to Robert Kennedy jnr., of the CHD and dictating what people should do regarding the experimental covid19 injection and then he gave the SAME message to newcaster Tucker Carlson on HIS views on what people are obliged to do regarding the highly toxic, dna altering, microchipped experimental covid19 injection.

The Online Resistance Movement, DID mention this EVIL attorney once before when we posted on Dr. Yeadon's and Dr. Woodarg's petiton to HALT the COVID19 INJECTION TRIALS due to SAFETY CONCERNS. And this was the FIRST time that this EVIL dodo bird OFFENDED us and now he has OFFENDED us again - for the SECOND TIME.

Dershowitz told Tucker Carlson that : "People have NO right NOT to take the covid19 vaccine," and "people have NO right NOT to not wear a face mask."

Just who in the HELL is this EVIL MONSTER from the deep dark abyss? He is NOBODY. But what inflamed the Online Resistance Movement team more was that HE (Dershowitz) was explaining that if this matter of force vaccinating people was TAKEN TO THE SUPREME COURT, that the SUPREME COURT - WOULD VOTE IN FAVOR OF :


This is criminal and BEYOND PURE EVIL. We actually heard this devil from hell make this statement with his own vile Satanic mouth.

This evil IGNORAMUS has absolutely NO respect for human life at all and he does NOT care if people die. He is obviously FULLY aware that even if an individual did contract the new virus that it has a 99.98% full recovery rate. So this is PREMEDITATED MURDER folks - in fact it is WORLDWIDE MASS GENOCIDE - which is part of the Agenda 21 world depopulation plan.

If this evilness eventually happens, then DERSHOWITZ should be the FIRST to be RESTRAINED and INJECTED with this VILE concoction of DEATH and he should be given a DOUBLE DOSE of the REAL McCoy.

This man, along with the rest of the EVIL cabal clan should be made to PAY A VERY HIGH PRICE for their EVIL TREACHEROUS WAR CRIMES against humanity.

Police breaking down the doors of people's homes to ENFORCE the EXPERIMENTAL COVID19 INJECTION upon the poor victim, could be ONE POSSIBLE FUTURE. The cabal Agenda 21 plan is ALREADY IN FULL operation and has been so for quite some while now, but the war is accelerating at a vast rate, a million times faster than the speed of light. World War III has already suffered many thousands of casualties and people are STILL dying following their receiving the DEPOP shot.

If it ever eventually comes down to that, then the RESISTANCE MUST FIGHT BACK. If insane laws are passed by the nazi criminal governments to FORCE VACCINATE everyone, then you all MUST be prepared for EVERY EVENTUALITY. The police are ALREADY OUT OF CONTROL, but if they BREAK DOWN your door :

"You HAVE THE INALIENABLE RIGHT TO DEFEND YOUR LIFE" and if that means PHYSICALLY defending yourself, then you MUST DO THAT, to STOP them from FORCE injecting you to deliberately END YOUR LIFE.

No matter what INSANE laws are passed, the authorities have NO RIGHT to take your life by injecting you with the KILLER COVID19 INJECTION and they have NO right to FORCE you to wear a KILLER FACE MASK.

Dr Vernon Coleman and Professor Dolores Cahil have ALREADY indicated the serious implications surrounding the CONTINUAL use of face mask wearing and apart from it causing a MILLION problems for the wearer, the wearer can also suffer from IRREVERSIBLE BRAIN DAMAGE.

People have ALREADY DIED from continually wearing a USELESS FACE MASK.

We have to STOP this war as soon as we possibly can, because matters can SPIRAL RAPIDLY OUT OF CONTROL within a blink of an eye and if it comes down to a CRIMINAL law being passed to BREAK IN AND FORCE VACCINATE people, then that is when this war WILL TURN INTO A PHYSICALLY FOUGHT BATTLE.

The Online Resistance Movement are offering you all some very sound and practical advice regarding on how to handle the OUT OF CONTROL POLICE. I myself had first hand experience with the out of control police only five years ago, when the NHS doctor brought male police officers to my parents' home and my mother REFUSED to open the door. Mistakes were made at that time and I did as the police officers DEMANDED and opened the door - THAT was one of the BIGGEST mistakes that I made in my whole life. I was physically assaulted by the out of control police, because I was following my mother'ss instructions NOT to allow them into the house and she had every right to REFUSE entrance - it was HER house.

The following is our advice : When cold calling police come to your door, KEEP THE DOOR CLOSED and LOCKED. Do NOT answer the door and do NOT engage with them through an upstairs or upper window. The police are NOT there for you, they are there to cause TROUBLE with you. If you have done nothing wrong, you have NOTHING to fear and they WILL leave, when they get NO answer. There isn't ONE law in the land that COMPELS you to open the door to police demands and you are within your right to NOT open the door to them. If you do open the door to them, you could be PHYSICALLY ASSAULTED. If you are outside and the police approach you, you must keep at least 3 yards distance between you and the police officers. Why? Because if you allow them to get too close to you - THEY WILL FLOOR YOU, literally. Try to get away from them, but DON'T take your eyes off them, they could pounce on you unawares.

If CRIMINAL laws are passed in government to allow the police to break down your door to FORCE a DEPOP injection into your arm, then you have the inalienable RIGHT to PHYSICALLY FIGHT BACK and STOP THEM from KILLING YOU.

As each day passes by, we are losing MORE and MORE FREEDOMS and as my parents once told me many years ago about World War II - "it gets WORSE before it gets better." They were only children at the time when Adolf Hitler was ATTEMPTING TO DICTATE to the world, but THEY remembered what happened during those early years.

The great and wonderful Dr. Vernon Coleman has produced TWO FREE EBOOKS regarding this latest problem that the world is suffering from and you can OBTAIN these TWO FREE EBOOKS from his website, go to :  and you will be able to find the TWO free ebooks on his home page and also inside his BOOKS page. You can DOWNLOAD these two books for FREE.  One book is called : PROOF THAT FACE MASKS DO MORE HARM THAN GOOD and COVID19 - THE GREATEST HOAX IN HISTORY.

Don't lose heart people, we are HERE TO HELP YOU and to SUPPORT YOU. We aim to WIN THIS WAR and we WILL WIN this war.