The covid19 vaccine trials are still ONGOING, there is NO clinical data, NOTHING and these trials will not be completed until the year 2023 at the EARLIEST. Meanwhle, these covid19 experimental drugs are KILLING people all over the place and in some cases within 48 hours. There have been that many deaths recorded due to these mRNA covid19 vaccines, that Dr. Yeadon and Dr. Woodarg have filed a petition with the European Medicine Agency to have these DANGEROUS covid19 clinical trials HALTED.


2021-05-01 3 min read

During December 2020 Dr. Michael Yeadon, former Chief Scientist of one of the big drug company's who are trying to poison us to death - Pfizer and Dr. Wolfgang Woodarg a German physician specialising in pulmonary diseases filed a petition with the European Medicine Agency to have these covid19 vaccine trials HALTED. Why did they do this? Because THEY know what we ALREADY know, that these covid19 injections are DOWNRIGHT DANGEROUS.

The Pfizer covid19 injection is the biggest if not the WORST offender of the lot, because it contains MORE KILLER INGREDIENTS than the other two. But don't be thinking that you all could take the Astra Zeneca or the Moderna covid19 injections and know that they will not harm you - the other two injections WILL HARM YOU - they cause HEART ATTACKS and BLOOD CLOTS that lead to DEATH.


ALL of the covid19 injections contain NO virus. They do contain a protein from the virus that is designed to invade the hosts healthy cells and to hijack their workings. That is why it is called an mRNA vaccine. The messenger is the culprit that invades the hosts NATURAL HEALTHY CELLS and the protein does the rest.

This evil microscopic Frankenstein protein contains a NON NEUTRALISING ANTIBODY which is extracted from the SarsCov2 virus and then used in this MONSTER Frankenstein protein.

Because it is a non neutralising protein, once inside the host cell it causes ANTIBODY DEPENDENT ENHANCEMENT and when it comes into contact with the following naturally evolving wild viruses - it CAUSES A CATACLYSMIC CYTOKINE STORM inside the hosts immune system when the following naturally occurring viruses enter the viral pathway of the host. Natural wild viruses : DENGUE, EBOLA, HIV, RSV and ALL of the CORONAVIRUS family of wild viruses.

Once the covid19 injected individual comes into contact with these WILD viruses, it precipitates a CYTOKINE STORM inside the body as the immune system VIOLENTLY reacts. As it worsens; the condition of the host DETERIORATES RAPIDLY causing severe internal inflammation EVERYWHERE and in turn - THE HOST DIES.

The drug scientists have LIED to us all, Fauci KNOWS IT and Gates KNOWS it, but we all know that Gates is an eugenicist and he is part of this PLANNED PARENTHOOD group who want to rid the world of thousands and thousands of innocent people, simply because in HIS opinion - the world is overpopulated. They have lied to us because the SCIENTISTS DID PERFORM ANIMAL EXPERIMENTS with this covid19 injection and ALL of the laboratory animals including guinea pigs, rats and monkeys - DIED, post covid19 injection; EXACTLY what is happening RIGHT NOW WITH PEOPLE.

According to Dr. Yeadon and Dr. Woodarg, HERV is responsible for the development of a placenta to facilitate the womb and prepare it for the newly forming fetus and it occurs inside the woman's body and it is vitally essential for the forming of new life. HERV is also found in the spike proteins of Sars and in the case of a pregnant woman or a woman trying to get pregnant - once injected with this vile stuff, the injected protein HERV would act like an anti-Synctin-1 antibody, thus PREVENTING a placenta from forming inside the womb and it also causes abortions in pregnant women. In other young women it causes them to become INFERTILE and unfortunately, this process is PERMANENT.

When it comes down to the scientists using non neutralising binding antibodies, the scientists are playing around with FIRE and WE the public are going to GET BURNT if we back down and submit to this KILLER injection.

The older type vaccines, which NONE of them are 100% safe - use the WHOLE virus and that is why it is called a vaccine. And within this virus is a neutralising antibody to bind to spike proteins inside the hosts cell. The neutralising antibodies are the BEST to use in vaccines as they do NOT cause cytokine storms. It is the non neutralising antibody that the scientists have used in the case of the covid19 injection and a non neutralising antibody WILL bind to the hosts spike receptors and then it WILL cause HAVOC inside the immune system and the host WILL DIE, as we have all witnessed on these pages. These covid19 injections have a worldwide staggering 80% of ADVERSE REACTIONS to these dangerous drugs.

Alan Dershowitz an American constitutional lawyer entered into a savage argument with Robert F. Kennedy jnr., and another man who was in this zoom meeting and declared the following :


Yes you READ that right - we had to listen to the podcast a few times, because we couldn't believe what we were hearing.

Dershowitz then said :




What kind of EVIL animal is this creep? We ALL have the human RIGHT to REFUSE anything that is GOING TO CAUSE US HARM. These rights were given to us NOT by the controlling fascists governments, but from our heavenly father. We DO have the RIGHT to REFUSE what is going to HARM US and possibly cause OUR DEATH.

The Online Resistance Movement have an inalienable right to FOREWARN ALL OF OUR SUPPORTERS and READERS of the imminent DANGERS posed to us by an EVIL UNSCRUPULOUS government, BENT on bringing about the Great Reset and a NEW WORLD ORDER.

We are reminding you all to continue to IGNORE all of the collaborating celebrity enemies, who are promoting this killer covid19 injection. Please remember that these celebrities have NOT had the real covid19 injection, otherwise they would be DEAD by now.