World War III did not commence last year 2020 when a biological weapon of war was deliberately released into the atmosphere of a fish market in Wuhan, it commenced 5 years ago when my family were MURDERED by the state. They became amongst the FIRST victims of the 21st century holocaust.


2021-04-26 15 min read


Just over five years ago, my family became ill around Christmas time 2015.

My father had been ill for quite a few months and his condition worsened during the month of November 2015.  My youngest sister and I had been assisting and caring for BOTH of our parents from spring 2015 right through to the autumn of that year.  We had to move out of our house and move back in with our parents to take care of their basic needs.

During November of 2015, tragedy struck.  I had just left my father to go back home for a short while to see my sister who was ALREADY back home after complaining that she was feeling TIRED all the time and that she didn't feel well, after being kept awake for most of the year during the day and at night, looking after our parents.  I hadn't been gone but fifteen minutes when there was a MENACING bang on the front door of my father's house and he was alone, very poorly, feeling weak and being unable to answer the door.  The wicked male voice that BOOMED from beyond the LOCKED FRONT DOOR shouted "OPEN THE DOOR OR I WILL KICK IT IN."  Apparently, it was a male social services worker and his name was RAY SPEED, who worked for Barnsley Social Services and HE had been sent by that equally wicked NHS general practitioner - Dr. Ajay Misty of Chapelfield Medical Centre.  Feeling weak and terrified, my father launched himself off the sofa and landed on his hands and knees as he crawled across the living room floor to negotiate the living room door that led into the hallway and then to unlock and open the front door whilst he was STILL on his hands and knees.  My father let this BULLYING STRANGER into the house and then Ray Speed continued to BULLY and THREATEN my father.  Ray Speed ordered an ambulance after my father REFUSED to go to hospital.  My mother had been FORCED against her will back into hospital by the same HORRIBLE NHS general practitioner Dr. Ajay Mistry.  My middle sister resided in another county.  As soon as I arrived back home to greet my poorly sister and to help calm her down, as she was frightened about being poorly, which I found odd, because she had never been frightened when she was ill many times before; I called my father on his mobile cell phone and a STRANGE MALE VOICE answered his phone.  Believing that I had gotten the WRONG telephone number, I hung up without speaking and dialled again.  Once again, this SAME STRANGE MALE VOICE answered my father's telephone.  I hung up and mentioned to my sister that SOMETHING WAS WRONG.  I left it for ten minutes then dialled again.  This time my father answered the phone, he just said "hello."  I asked him whom he had let into the house and he replied "social worker."  No other words were spoken.  I left it for half an hour and then called again, this time my father answered the phone and said NOTHING, but I had the speakerphone on and we heard what sounded like a HOSPITAL ATMOSPHERE in the background.  I hung up and dialled again, this time he NEVER answered his phone.  I called the local hospital telephone number at the Accident and Emergency and enquired if they had my father there and to our amazement INDEED they DID HAVE MY FATHER at the hospital.  As poorly as my sister was, I persuaded her to come with me to the hospital because it was nearing midnight on November 18, 2015.  When we arrived at the hospital, the nursing staff were treating us LIKE DIRT, screaming and yelling at us and DICTATING TO US.  My father PLEADED with us to GET HIM OUT OF THERE and he WANTED TO GO HOME.  Our father told us ALL about how Ray Speed had BULLIED his way into my father's house and how SPEED had THREATENED my father with a PHYSICAL BEATING if he did NOT get into the ambulance.  My father obeyed Speed's demands and now my father is DEAD.  It was nearing midnight when our father was FORCED onto a ward AGAINST HIS WILL, violating his human and civil rights and we DEMANDED to speak to the doctor in charge.  We conversed with a junior doctor at the Barnsley NHS Trust Hospital, his name was Dr. Shirazi and he brought an assistant with him a nurse (as a witness who listened in to the conversation). I told Dr. Shirazi that if they carried out the surgical procedure that they were going to perform, that HE would KILL my father within 24 hours.  He wasn't taking notice of me, so my youngest sister tried to make this KILLER see the error of his ways.  Shirazi ORDERED US BOTH OUT OF THE MEETING ROOM.  I had the last words with Shirazi, I told him that "you DON'T care because he isn't your father," and to that he replied "GET OUT."  Within 24 hours of our prediction, we received a FRANTIC phone call from our mother who was in the same KILLER HOSPITAL and she told us that our father had just DIED - exactly how we predicted.  Shirazi and his team took my father to the operating theatre, PUMPED HIM UP WITH COLOSSAL HIGH DOSES OF GENERAL MEDICINE TOXIC DRUGS, then operated on his lungs.  Our father DIED within moments following that procedure that we told them NOT TO PROCEED WITH.

My youngest sister became the NEXT VICTIM of the KILLER STATE.  She became very ill on Christmas eve 2015 as her illness deteriorated.  She didn't know why she was ill and couldn't explain it only that she DIDN'T FEEL WELL.  Unfortunately, we were at our father's home on Christmas eve, as our mother had recently been discharged from the hospital and she was adamant that she was NOT coming to our house for Christmas, even though we volunteered to bring her to the house and take her back home afterwards.  My sister woke up Christmas eve morning a 6am and she was frantic, complaining that she couldn't move.  She went off the end of the bed and she was unable to stand up.  I helped my sister off the floor and she laid down and went back to sleep.  At 10am that morning, there was an UNEXPECTED knock on the door.  When I looked out of the door window, it was Dr. Ajay Mistry and his business partner Samantha Hoggard.  I asked my mother if she had a house appointment visit that day and she replied that she didn't and I believed her.  I informed her that Dr. Mistry was at the door and asked her what he wanted and she replied "I have NO idea."  I opened the door to this wicked creep and asked him what he wanted and he was vague, just stating that he had come to see my mother, who DIDN'T want to see him.  These two EVIL CLOWNS had come with a mission and their mission was REVEALED once they had been let into the house.  Their mission was to COERCE our mother into hospice that Christmas and she was having NONE of it.  And for the meanwhile, she got her own way, but it was SHORT LIVED.  Because I was worried about my sister's rapidly deteriorating health and the fact that she was struggling to move, I opened my big fat mouth to Dr. Mistry, asking him for advice WITHOUT consulting my sister first to ask her permission to mention her illness to this untrustworthy NHS doctor; because she had gone back to sleep and I didn't want to disturb her as she looked so peaceful.  THAT was the BIGGEST mistake that I ever made in my whole life and I am STILL paying for this mistake five years on.  After that Mistry NEVER left my sister alone.  We received all of those telephone calls every two minutes from the doctor and he continued badgering my sister and me throughout Christmas 2015 week right up until the new year.  We had told him UMPTEEN TIMES that we were NOT coming to the surgery for blood tests and he wouldn't take NO for an answer.  Eventually, I told my sister that the only way to get rid of him was to go for the blood tests - that was ANOTHER MISTAKE I made that cost my dear sweet beloved sister (who was also my best friend), her life.  We walked STRAIGHT into a TRAP, as 4 burly male police officers were already waiting inside the consulting room to THREATEN both of us and to BEAT us up if my sister continued to REFUSE treatment and REFUSE to go to the hospital.  We were TERRORISED, BULLIED, THREATENED, DICTATATED to AND WE WERE DETAINED inside that consulting room.  And if you are thinking - "that is NOT the way that medical clinics, surgeries and hospitals are run," you would be absolutely CORRECT in thinking so, but this is how it PANNED OUT.  My sister FOREWARNED me what would happen if we went to the surgery on that fateful Monday of January 4, 2016.  She told me that Mistry would FORCE her into hospital and that she would NOT come out alive.  It HAPPENED that way and now I have to live with this evil memory until the day that I die and I am finding NO peace at all.  We were TOTALLY BETRAYED by TWO MAD INSANE DOCTORS from the Chapelfield Medical Centre - Dr. Ajay Mistry and Dr. Adebowle Adekunle.  They VIOLATED my sister's civil and human rights.  She was FORCEFULLY SHOVED onto the ambulance stretcher and strapped on and I can still hear here DESPERATE SCREAMS today as she was spirited away to her death, down that surgery corridor.  It was a scream of someone being murdered or about to be murdered.  At the ambulance, I asked her not to worry and that everything would work out fine.  I had a back up plan to get her away from the hospital, but couldn't mention it in front of the RIOT SQUAD (ambulance people, police and NHS doctors) who were in attendance.

At the Accident and Emergency department of the KILLER NHS Barnsley NHS Trust hospital, we were in for another RUDE awakening, having NOT bothered with the hospital for years as their slipshod appalliing service had rapidly spirally downwards over the past few years.  It was ALL - SECURITY, SECURITY, SECURITY and they were running that hospital like a PRISON without bars.  My plan was to walk out of the building with her and 20 years ago, that plan would have SUCCEEDED, but on that day it FAILED.  She was booked into A&E by the two male ambulance members, which I found ODD BEHAVIOUR, as years ago, ambulance people NEVER booked anyone into hospital and then she was FORCED into a cubicle against her will.  She was pleading with me to help her and when we were left alone for the FIRST TIME, I asked her to help me to get her off the stretcher and we would walk out of the hospital and she couldn't move.  I needed my sister's auxillary help to move her, because I couldn't pick her up in my arms like I did when we were kids, because she was taller and heavier than me.  By the time I saw her again between the ambulance taking her to the hospital with me following the ambulance in my car and I saw her in the A&E at the hospital, it was OBVIOUS that she had BEEN HEAVILY SEDATED.  The NHS killer nurse came into the cubicle armed with a needle and syringe and she INJECTED my sister with a colossal high dose of a conglomeration of HIGHLY TOXIC GENERAL MEDICINE DRUGS, after she had ALREADY been heavily sedated.  Fifteen minutes later, that same killer nurse came back again with yet ANOTHER  hypodermic SYRINGE FILLED WITH TOXIC CHEMICALS and she injected her again.  The THIRD time she came back fifteen minutes later to take a THIRD shot at my sister, a STRUGGLE broke out between myself and the KILLER as I CONFRONTED her and DEMANDED "ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL HER?"  The killer nurse replied "I know what I am doing."  Apparently she did because my sister DIED by their hands.  I TRIED to STOP this from happening.  Security was called and I was ejected from the hospital that night shouting "MURDERERS," the chapel chaplain was in the hospital corridor and even HE TRIED TO SILENCE ME, but he did NOT succeed.  My dear sweet beloved youngest sister, MY PAL was MURDERED BY THE STATE OWNED NHS hospital.

One week after my sister died, my mother was expressing more interest in the fact that her house was EMPTY and she was worried and when I mentioned that my house had been empty for months, it didn't bother her in the slightest.  It hurt me that my mother was MORE interested in my father's empty house than the death of my dear sweet beloved youngest sister.  After she had badgered me, I reluctantly agreed to go to her house and I hadn't been there TWO minutes when there was an UNEXPECTED BANG on the door.  I opened the door and in barged 3 PLAIN CLOTHES CID detectives from Doncaster police.  One male and two females, Matt Jackson, Emma Wheatcroft and their Barnsley colleague Belinda Dhami.  They shoved a HOUSE SEARCH WARRANT IN MY FACE and told me that I was under arrest for the murder of my father and my sister, which was OUTLANDISHLY PREPOSTEROUS, because they ALREADY KNEW that my father and my sister DIED in hospital by the hands of the killer NHS staff.  They did NOT produce an arrest warrant for me, but told me that I had NO choice but to go to the police station with them.  I didn't want to go anywhere, I was GRIEF STRICKEN and FRANTIC.  I was feeling hysterical and I didn't want to be with anybody.  They DEMANDED to know "WHERE IS IT?"  I didn't know what the hell they were talking about and I had to prie this information out of them.  They wanted to know where my youngest sister's life insurance policy was and they also demanded the house deeds to my father's property.  My sister didn't live at that address and she NEVER had a LIFE INSURANCE policy, as she was struggling to pay the weekly grocery bill.  None of us were insured and I was called a LIAR.  I had absolutely NO idea where my father's house deeds were at the time and had I known, I would not have handed them over anyway.  Note  Do you see where all of this is going?  I will SPELL IT OUT FOR YOU - AGENDA 21, worldwide mass genocide, the 21st century HOLOCAUST and SLAVERY.  According to Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum he said "YOU WILL OWN NOTHING AND YOU WILL BE HAPPY." They are coming for YOUR HOUSE, YOUR POSSESSIONS, YOUR MONEY AND YOUR LIFE.  And this HAPPENED TO MY FAMILY BACK IN 2015/2016 - THAT is why they wanted the HOUSE DEEDS.  I was involuntarily spirited away by plain clothes detectives inside an unmarked police vehicle to Ecclesfield Police station, where they were "BUILDING A CASE AGAINST AN INNOCENT PERSON - ME."  The state KILLED my family NOT me and they were going to PUT ME AWAY in PRISON.  The NHS needed the PERFECT PATSY, a SCAPEGOAT to take the BLAME for THEIR MURDERS and unfortunately, I was that SCAPEGOAT.  The police already knew that my father and my sister were DRUGGED up to the eyeballs by the NHS and they were also STARVED by the NHS, but they were BENT on putting me away from crimes that I did NOT commit.  They ripped TWO houses apart, searching for Life Insurance documents that just did NOT exist.  The CID detectives even provided a fictitious MOTIVE as to WHY I committed these murders and the fictitious motive was that I was going to gain a SUBSTANTIAL AMOUNT OF MONEY from my father's and my youngest sister's life insurance policies (which were NON EXISTENT).  They confiscated items from BOTH houses that had absolutely NOTHING at all to do with my family's deaths.  From my father's house, they took Holland and Barrett muscle builder and an half eaten soggy biscuit.  From my house that took an old recyled toothbrush that we kept inside a canister on the bathroom floor to clean around the tight corners of basin taps.  The police were OFF THEIR ROCKER, literally.  I was assumed GUILTY until I PROVED my INNOCENCE.  And a lot of personal items got SMASHED after they had confiscated them and then brought them back BROKEN.  This is the way of the modern police today and the TREND is set to get much worse.  Following a state autopsy that was ordered by the coroner David Pendrys, (which I tried to stop, because I didn't want them chopping up my sister, she was my sister and I loved her with all of my heart), the results of that autopsy PROVED my UNEQUIVOCAL INNOCENCE in FEBRUARY of 2016 AFTER they arrested me in January 2016 and all I got from the police was "I'M SORRY."  And the case was closed.  Note One thing that snarled me about this autopsy business was that the pathologist in this case FAILED to perform a TOXICOLOGY TEST, which is STANDARD procedure in criminal cases.  When I confronted the pathologist on the telephone, he insisted that HE was an HISTOPATHOLOGIST and NOT a criminal pathologist.  I asked him his name and his name is Dr. K. Survana and he told me that had he KNOWN that I had been falsely accused of murdering my sister and had been arrested for the same, then HIS COLLEAGUE would have performed the autopsy and NOT him.  His colleague was a criminal pathologist and he was SHOCKED to learn that the CID had arrested me and tried to charge me with a double homicide.

Dr. Mistry, Dr. Adebowle Adekunle and Samantha Hoggard were on the war path with me, literally.  They went around telling EVERYONE that I was a DANGEROUS INDIVIDUAL and NOT to be trusted.  I was treated with the UTMOST CONTEMPT by all of their NHS associates and I was frowned and snarled upon by NHS staff.

My mother had been back in hospital for some time and Dr. Mistry, Samantha Hoggard and consultant Susan Orme along with Peter Heaney from Social Services were arranging a meeting to decide what to do with my mother and my mother had NO say in what happened to her.  She wanted to go home and they REFUSED, thus violating her civil and human rights.  As I wheeled my mother in an hospital wheelchair down the corridor to the meeting room, we could hear LOUD JOVIAL LAUGHTER EMERGING from the conference room.  When we entered the conference room, we were overwhelmed with the sea of HOSTILE FACES greeting us and Dr. Mistry along with Samantha Hoggard NEVER attempted to CONCEAL their JOY at succeeding in KILLING MY YOUNGEST SISTER and they LAUGHED LOUDER and in our FACES.  Mistry and Hoggard had regarded my youngest sister as a threat to their livelihood, so they arranged to have her BUMPED OFF.  I NEVER spoke to either of them.  I was seated next to a female consultant who was HALF my age and FULL of herself.  Her name was SUSAN ORME, (she too works for the killer NHS hospital in Barnsley).  Susan Orme believed the LIES spurned by Mistry and Hoggard and she SNARLED AT ME and treated me like a CONVICTED CRIMINAL.  Peter Heaney decided that my mother was to be discharged from the killer hospital, straight into an old unkempt scruffy government owned care home called VALLEY PARK CARE HOME, which was situated in Wombwell and the HOSTILE manager's name was ANITA COOPER, who also treated me like a SCUMMY CRIMINAL, believing the lies spurted out by the WICKED NHS.  My mother was FORCED into this care home, thus violating her civil and human rights and she was THREATENED in front of me when ANITA COOPER told her "if you try to leave, we WILL call the police an have you brought back."  I was given little time to spend with my mother and there were DAFT rules like, I could not touch my mother, I couldn't give her anything and I had to sit at the far end of the room to visit her.  Cooper also FORCED me out of the care home to facilitate my mother's EVIL sisters visiting her who had NOT bothered with my mother for over 4 decades.  Inside that care home, my mother was BULLIED, PHYSICALLY ABUSED and BEATEN.  Every time I went to visit her, she had sustained FRESH BRUISES on her body.  My mother too was MURDERED by the NHS using a conglomeration of HIGHLY TOXIC GENERAL MEDICINE DRUGS to put her to death and she was also STARVED until she died.  My mother TRIED to get out of that scruffy care home legally, as she had a lawyer working for her to STOP the NHS from enslaving her inside that care home.  The law proceedings were taking too long and meanwhile, my mother DIED a HORRIBLE DEATH.  She died ALONE, in a STRANGE BED inside a SCRUFFY GOVERNMENT OWNED CARE HOME, surrounded by STRANGERS and the NHS took my mother's life on the morning of April 16, 2016, less than 12 weeks after my youngest sister's MURDER by the NHS on January 20, 2016.

My middle sister was MURDERED by the NHS during Christmas week of 2018 and I wasn't informed of her death until some 4 weeks later.  When I did discover her death via an email, through one of her associates, I was GOBBED at by the Chesterfield Births, Marriages and Deaths Registrars because in their eyes I FAILED TO REPORT HER DEATH.  I challenged them about this, because I told them "how the hell can I report my sister's death if I didn't know she was dead until 4 weeks later?"  To that they replied "you should have reported her death?????"  It is a WORLD GONE MAD and the TREND IS SET TO GET MUCH WORSE.


You have READ my PERSONAL STORY of how WORLD WAR III began five years ago and how my family became amongst the FIRST VICTIMS of the 21st century holocaust.  Five years ago THEY attempted to take my father's house, money and possessions and have ME (an innocent person) put away in prison.  THAT was a minor victory that they FAILED in succeeding to take the house, but THEY WILL BE BACK and VERY SOON, NOT just for this house, but the Global Mafia will be coming for YOUR HOUSE, YOUR MONEY, YOUR POSSESSIONS, YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR LIFE.  That is why we HAVE TO FIGHT BACK, we have NO CHOICE but to FIGHT BACK.

The enemy want us DEAD, we have NO CHOICE but to FIGHT BACK.