We are the Fighting Resistance of World War III

My youngest sister (my BEST PAL) and I when we were kids on the Bridlington Queen scenic boat trip

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I was fortunate to be born into a good family with strong bonds.

My youngest sister was my BEST PAL for 55 years and it was heartbreaking when she was murdered by the state owned NHS in January of 2016.  She was looking forward to her 56th birthday and the state ROBBED her of that moment.

I attended Wombwell High school and when my family moved to a new home in 1967, we sisters had to relocate to a different school district.

It was at this new school that I met the first individual who was to help SHAPE my life and that was my English teacher Mr. Westwood, who encouraged me in English classes and more often than not, I received almost top marks for my work.  Mr. Westwood NEVER awarded any students top marks because it was his way of encouraging us to work harder, to produce better results.

When I left school at the age of 15 years, I attended night school at the local technical college and studied SHORTHAND TYPING, OFFICE WORK and ENGLISH.  During the day, I worked at a local catalogue factory called the EMPIRE STORES in the assembly and packing department and my wages went towards my schooling, as my father couldn't afford to pay for my tuition, so I worked my way through technical college, gaining ALL of the RSA typing qualifications and YCFE qualifications in English and Shorthand.

Whilst I was still studying at the technical college, I landed a fantastic job at a local textile company called Wilson & Longbottom Ltd.  The pay was POOR, but I enjoyed the job and I was sad when I finally had to leave.

When the office industry was in decline, jobs for secretary's were becoming seldom, so I enrolled in a Natural Health Sciences course in recent years with the encouragement of my youngest sister, who happened to be the BRAINS of our friendship and I am now a FULLY QUALIFIED NATURAL MEDICINE PRACTITIONER.  I graduated in 2017.

Above picture is my pal, she too was a SURFER like me.  We started surfing when we were kids.

My mother and I a few weeks before she died.  What you don't see in the picture is the ARMY of care home staff standing around us like concentration camp guards, because they DIDN'T trust me with my mother of 60 years.

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