Sinopharm - covid19 FULL CHEMICAL injection ingredients, the Chinese version for the covid19 vaccine.


2021-05-04 2 min read

The Online Resistance Movement are presenting to you all of the FULL INGREDIENTS LIST of the Chinese made Sinopharm covid19 injection, which is interestingly grown on the living tissue of monkey DNA.

Again, this is a Frankenstein laboratory made viral concoction.

The covid19 Sinopharm vaccine contains :

An inactive virus - BB1BP - CorV and three different variants of coronavirus directly extracted from infected patients.

The dead concoction of viral materials are grown on monkey kidney cells that are grown inside bioreactor tanks.

It is then doused in a chemical called : BETA PROPIOLACTONE, which then disables the live coronavirus by bonding to the genes of the artificially grown monkey kidney cells.

Another highly toxic ingredient that is contained within the covid19 injection is the CANCER CAUSER - ALUMINIUM

Again, this is another S Spike protein Frankenstein creation.

This technology has been used in the past to prepare the POLIO vaccines and MANY people DIED after they received the polio vaccine.

The T cells and B cells inside the immune system are attracted to the virus, they bind onto the foreign virus and rip it apart, then these cells display some of the fragmented foreign proteins on their surface.

Once these NK (natural killer cells) latch onto the invading foreign substance, the spike protein stops the virus from entering the cell.


Beta-propiolactone / Molecular formula = C2H4O2 is HIGHLY TOXIC, it is a HAZARDOUS IRRITANT and a HEALTH HAZARD.

Aluminium - Molecular formula = A1 is a KNOWN CANCER TRIGGER and is HIGHLY INFLAMMABLE

There is absolutely NO long term study clinical data on this Sinopharm covid19 vaccine. And clinical trials are still ongoing. This is another experimental covid19 injection and the general public are the unwitting experimental subjects.

If you are all considering taking this HIGHLY TOXIC chemical formula, then the Online Resistance Movement are requesting that you exercise extreme caution BEFORE doing so, as humans are NOT genetically made of TOXIC CHEMICALS and we DON'T need them inside our body's. Why? Because they cause MORE harm than they can do good. And once this toxic potion is injected into your body, you will be receiving monkey dna, which will attach to your dna and change it forever.

Although this covid19 is produced using similar methods of traditional vaccines, that does NOT make it any safer to consume, on the contrary, you will be receiving monkey dna inside your body, which once penetrated into your body, cannot be reversed.

It is also important to remember that even traditional vaccines are NOT 100% SAFE and they have actually maimed and killed many people.

The Online Resistance Movement are encouraging ALL of our helpers, supporters and readers to take care of yourself the natural way and place YOUR TRUST in your OWN IMMUNE SYSTEM - and that is the BEST vaccine that anyone could have - their OWN IMMUNE SYSTEM.